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Meet Kristen Lee LE, CECP

Owner and operator of The Grounded Soul. (Formerly known as Premier Esthetics)  Kristen started her career as a licensed Esthetician graduating from NYIB in 2006, completing the Advanced Esthetics course in 2014 and has continued serving her client’s and passion for skincare throughout the years.


Her passion evolved into the wellbeing of her clients mind, body & soul as well as exploring various healing modalities to help assist others on their journey and path to healing. After receiving Reiki, other healing energy and expanding her consciousness she was able to heal from a diagnosed auto immune dis-ease and other physical ailments that affected her for 10 years, not allowing her to feel her best and experience life fully with joy.   


She became a certified Reiki Master and teacher, Seraphim Blueprint practitioner (certified in all levels), Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and Certified in Sound healing with Tuning Forks.  Through the support of her clients and loved ones and many case studies her intuition and abilities have expanded causing a greater knowing for her clients. Her abilities especially as an empath allow her to see and feel energy blockages. She believes awareness, intention and the ability to stay grounded are everything and has dedicated her practice to helping others achieve overall wellness and soul growth. 

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